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Date: 19 Jan 2010 11:25:46
Title: You need a cup of water to read this!!!

Hello all my favorite peole!
How are you all? I trust all is well wherever in the world you are, we are getting texts from Aus, eng, south africa, san fransico, you name it, we seem to be getting it! So, thank you for thoses. The emails too, are great. Again, sorry im not replying to many, to many to reply to them all but i am reading them!!
Ok in order to enjoy this blog i need you to get a glass of water, nothing fancy, it can even be sourcer of water if needs me (if it is, i suggest you dont use your hands!)
Right, i would like to propose a toast to my granny. She's now online for the first time ever and following our progress. Not only that, she has also worked out how to send you text messages AND use text language whist doing in. Amazing. For those of you who came to the pub quiz, the big one, it was my granny who won the ipod doking station in the raffle.Very funny indeed.
Secondly, i would like to propose a toast to Eugene from IMG. He sent a text asking tom whether he had run out of food and had started to eat my fingers as my spelling is so bad. It had tom laughing for about an hour, thank you!
Finally, a toast to yourself. If you did a toast to the first two bits, you would have looked so stupid at your office you deserve some applause yourself.!
Have you got the message yet, not a lot to report form out here. We had a really slow couple of days at the backend of last week but thankfully the wind has changed and we are making progress, about 40miles a day. We have fallen back into the pack but there isnt much betwen us all. The moon started its cyle again last night, which was kinda cool but no boats or wildlife to report. Jane E, you will be the first person to know if we see a shark!
The final part of this blog is about jokes, we are getting daily jokes from Adam Barnes (toms bro) and kate rooke (a uni friend of mine) they are both appauling, Adam's best is "a seal walks into a club!" and kate's is "knock knock, who's there, thomas, thomas who, thomas happy fella" sad isnt it!

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