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Date: 17 Jan 2010 10:47:13
Title: hello everybody!!!

Hi guys and girls.
WE HAD THE MOST EXCITING MORNING THIS MORNING...............We saw another boat!!! The first one so far for this trip during the day, they always seemed to come out at night time!
Progress yesturday was very slow and at about 8pm last night tom decided we werent making any progress and that we should sleep and rest. So thats what we did. Spooned i think is the _expression_, or atleast he hogged the bed. Today it is over cast which is a tad anoying as we dont have much water left and need the sun to power the solar panels that power our water supply. But im sure it will be ok. I just need a wash as well. There's only so many days you can wear the same pair of pants and i figured 12 days is probalby enough!! Only joking, its 7 days a pair unless i get excited and have an accident!
So, we had a few texts this morning commenting on my spelling, is it really that bad. The spell check on this computer is rubbish so all i can say is get used to it. But do keep the texts coming.
A nice little pattern is imerging on the boat now as we approach the third week onboard red arrow. Tom eats and cleans, i mentain the boat, make water, keep everything powered when we can and row. It simple really. Actually, thats a bit harsh, tom does row as well!!! But some breaking news yesturday was that whilst board i tried to see how many hobnobs i could put in my mouth at the same time, 8 in total! Quite impressive i thought. I couldnt swollow them though so i hope tom doesnt turn the last but one cushion over any time soon...............
Right, im about to start rowing, watch that dot fly for the next 3 hours or so (we messed up our shift patteren thismorning so are doing longer shifts than normal)
Sun burn rating : still 0. doing good but its cloudy today so i always get it wrong on days like today.
Beared rating: approaching yeti like!

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