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Date: 16 Jan 2010 11:12:39
Title: Slow Slow SLow your boat!!

Hello everybody.
Its my turn to do the bolg and i will actually be doing it tomorrow as well so that myself and tom can change over days!! But i have nothing to report at all. Progress has slowed right down and i dont know why. The waves are a bit indifferent but still, its so frustrating. We seen no living creatures, not boats, not planes, nothing. How dull.
So, i thought i would try and entertain you in a slightly different way. I want to bring your attention to two sponsors and then also a few people at home.
Xuis Computer softwear very kindly sponsored us very early on in the fundraising process and so their logo and website can be found on our webiste. However, they have started a new side to the company under the web name of Are-we-nearly-there-yet.com? We thought it would be great to have it in full view whilst we are rowing. Its rubbish!!! when its going slow the last thing you are wanting to remind ourselves of is how far we have to go! Yet whilst we doing well, its actualy quite good fun! I have to warn you tim, we have a clean sticker for the end, as this one might start to get defaced as this trip progresses!, if it slows down!
The second sponsor is Tower House School in sheen. I know your reading these as i get texts and emails every so often. I hope you guys are well and following our progress, i cant wait to come and see you all once we are done!
A massive hello and thank you also has to go to hannah. She has done so much for me inorder to get to the startline and i have been calling her up everytime ive been feeling rubbish, which is alot. She organised some amazing stuff for me to open in the form of letters and also look at on the ipod. The video's of support make each day go quicker and when im down, its so nice to hear her voice and get reminded that in the not too far off future i will be seeing her again. Four lines doesnt do it justice but thank you. I would call you, you know what, but i thinkthe reation might be eeeeeeewwwwwwwwweeeeeewwwwww!!!!
To everybody else who has emailed and text, sorry if i havent got back to you. Once ive done all this rowing i normally juist want to rest, but do keep the jokes and questions coming and i will try and get back to you eventually. Laura P, no videos yet, but i will try!
Ok, i better go, i doubt anybody will read this or tomrrows as your not at work, but have a great weekend.

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