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Date: 14 Jan 2010 11:55:19
Title: blog blog and yet another blog!

So, if you enjoyed my description of my sighting of a whale a few days ago, i had actually seen a baby whale then. I didnt reaise this until this afternoon (tom did a blog today, so im starting this now and will finish tomorrow) when whilst rowing and making water, i got. bassically, pissed on, from a very great height. Looking up there was nothing. As i then sat there confused, i felt the left had side of the boat, no idea wether that is port or starboard (come to think about it, am not sure of my lefts or rights either!) and was confronted by his rather large "ass", or "tail" as my nature book points out. We were joined for the next hour by this huge whale, about 40 to 50 feet long, lets say......heavey. She started very near, moved away and then cam to within about 2 feet of us. It began to get scarey but all was ok. Quite amazing!
Im guessing tom told you about his attempted re-inactment of what happens when you flood a cabin, didnt he? Im not reading his blogs so that i can give you my own take of things. Well basically, he left the door open and a wave came in. It was obviously my fault as i was rowing at the time but the idea of a wet cabin was rubbish. It didnt really hit me until the eveing when after a long a row, you want your warm cabin, but instead it was wet and cold. I have to say i was pretty down after that. But we got through the night and also my 50 shift. Bareck Obama helped me through that one as im listening to his book on the ipod. I was a bit dissapointed though that none of you sent me a card of something simlar. A bottle of champagne would have been good followed by a pizza. But ill get over it, it is afterall, about 30 degress here and not too many worries arouind..........hows the snow, and the recession?
Ok, i will add to this tomorrow. I understand some of you cant get through on text, sorry about that, but i am getting all the emails and facebook messages your sending me. Thank you for those. OK, I will be back in the morning......
Me again, i have just read through the blog and i hope it makes sense, there is no spell check on this compouter which doesnt help me at all.
The night was ok if alittle rough, but we servived. I kept falling asleep whilst rowing but we finished all our shifts and although its over cast today, its very hot!!! Because of our whale watching and a rough night, were not goona make 50 miles this past 24 hours. I reckon about 45, which still, isnt too bad. I rowed badly this morning and tom is having a tough on now, but nodubt we can turn it around this afternoon!!
Right, im gonna love you and leave you, have agreat rest of your day, and ill blog again at the weekend.
richie xxx 

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