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Date: 12 Jan 2010 15:21:35

Yesturday i was doing some maths, yes, you read that right, i did some maths! 60 days rowing, 6 shifts a day, 12 hours of rowing each. Therefore, 8 days into this challenge, my next but one shift will be my 50th! 8.30 TO 10.30 TONIGHT. I know we were on the para anchor for a day but additionally we should take less than 60 days to do the challenge. Therefore, every day is another 6 shifts gone regardless.
Progress has been good. For the thrid day running we have hit our target of 50 miles and infact, yesturday we covered 64 miles which was the largest distance covered by a team in the entire fleet other than the 12man boat. Very satisfing but i have to say the pressure is horrible. We are here to get across safely not to win, but we will do our thing and see what happens.
So, whats news? Not a huge amount. The winds are straight behind us which may well be luck but we all make our own luck. This afternoon they have got up alittle bit potentialy looking like we might have another quick night. Rowing at night isnt too bad actually even though there is no moon at the moment and its dark, and i mean proper dark!, with the waves behind us it is ok. Its bad when we are trying to go across the waves, thats when things can go wrong. The one time that was happening, we were straight onto the anchor, there is no point taking risks!
We were also visited by a whole lot of dolpins about an hour ago and that was amazing. They disappeared as fast as they arrived but it was worth it. I figured they are checking all the boats out and then they will come back as we are the nicest by far.
Life on board is ok, im not eating a huge amount still but feel fine. Im weeing and pooing, which you probably dont need to know, but atleast that gives a good indication of the fact that im over the sea sickness and slowly getting back to normal. Apparaently we are top ten out 31 boats. Its encouraging and lets hope it continues.
Will do another blog in a few days, toms turn tomorrow.
Beared stats: getting there, i would say about a 2/2.5 out of 10.
Sunburn status: Very low, am suncreamed up to the max!!!!

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