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Date: 03 Jan 2010 16:53:19
Title: Were off!

Im not going to lie, its no become very real.
Ive been working on the boat all day as tom was on the main land working on getting a new seat, but he´s back and we are almost ready.
Its very hot here which is a good indication that the weather has changed in our favour and it gives us 5 or 6 clear days of rowing before things start to get a bit choppy. Hopefully we will be alright.
What's going through my mind right now..............no idea. Its been a dream of mine to row an ocean and i'm about to try and realise my dream. How many people are lucky enough to do that, very few.
Can i just take this opportunity to say HI and BYE to you all, i will see you in march hopefully, safe and well inaddition to skinny and sun tanned!
I trust you all had a good new year, i was in bed, apart from the little bit of sleep walking i did down to the square at mid night!!! I feel rested, full and ready to go, bring it on!!!
I will keep dropping these emails through, keep an eye on them and like i said, see you back in the uk in march, hopefully not before.
BE Safe
ps, sorry its abit breif, not sure how or what im feeling, all will be clear tomorrow!!!

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