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Date: 09 Dec 2009 18:09:25

Hi guys and girls.
So, myself and tom have decided to start our blog despite having not actually set off yet. Additionally, we have decided to take it turns to write it as we're guessing we are going to have very different perceptions of what has/is going on.
It has been a very disappointing start to this dream of mine. Due to human error, we found ourselves sitting in La Gomera on the evening of December 6th having dinner when we should have been out rowing. The reason being was that there was a problem with the flares and they didn't arrive until tuesday 8th December, yesterday. We were then due to go today. Unfortunately, there is a huge weather system out on our route leaving La Gomera. As a result were are now stuck here until next wednesday at the earliest. It is terribly frustrating as both myself and tom are ready to go, or at least we think we are.
Tom, will write tomorrow or the following day to let you know how we are going. I know how the tube journey to work must feel on a day to day basis, but to be honest, that sounds far more exciting than sitting here looking at a beautiful calm ocean wandering if the weather really is bad. Anyway, i guess we would rather be safe on land than in danger on the ocean.
Speak soon.

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