Tuesday 16th August 2106 Hrs

Premier Flair - RORC Fastnet Race IRC2
Tue 16 Aug 2011 20:15
We got round the Lizard and Lands End yesterday at about 5pm.
Last night was a bit of a battle through a storm with 30 knot max winds and 2-3 m waves and rain to boot, but we over came this and today's conditions have become much lighter. The first part of the crossing was a 'fetch', ie close to the wind but not tightly close hauled, but the wind swung round from SW to NW and for the last 40 odd miles we have been beating up to to the Fastnet.
We have just passed the Fastnet (21:06) and now bearing onto 203 deg for the next leg to Pantaenious.
Well done team !!!!