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If you never have a dream, you'll never have a dream come true...

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Dec 2013
Tue 03 Dec 15:04 Land i sikte! Land o'hoy! 14:17.41N 60:22.23W
Nov 2013
Mon 25 Nov 16:05 Fourth day at sea 15:49.80N 33:52.90W
Thu 21 Nov 16:45 Our first crossing the Atlantic 17:00.90N 28:26.90W
Fri 15 Nov 16:32 Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands 16:53.20N 24:59.50W
Sep 2013
Sat 28 Sep 15:21 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 28:07.70N 15:25.50W
Sun 22 Sep 14:39 Corralejo, Fuerteventura 28:44.50N 13:51.80W
Fri 20 Sep 14:35 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote 28:55.00N 13:42.20W
Wed 18 Sep 14:32 La Graciosa, Canary Islands 29:15.00N 13:30.00W
Sat 14 Sep 14:26 Essaouira 31:30.40N 9:46.30W
Fri 13 Sep 14:02 Mohammedia and Casablanca 33:42.75N 7:23.90W
Tue 10 Sep 13:26 Morocco - A new world! 34:01.75N 6:49.30W
Sun 08 Sep 12:37 Lagos - Our last stop in Portugal 37:06.50N 8:40.50W
Mon 02 Sep 12:13 Oeiras 38:40.50N 9:19.00W
Sun 01 Sep 12:07 Peniche 39:21.00N 9:22.50W
Aug 2013
Sat 31 Aug 11:51 Figueira da Foz 39:58.97N 8:59.76W
Thu 29 Aug 14:04 We are in Portugal 40:38.80N 8:50.59W
Mon 26 Aug 13:38 The lively city of Baiona 42:07.29N 8:50.30W
Fri 23 Aug 13:13 Working out in CamariƱas 43:07.77N 9:10.95W
Wed 21 Aug 13:10 Tobias saves the day! 43:14.77N 9:01.48W
Fri 16 Aug 11:50 We've crossed the Bay of Biscay 43:22.00N 8:23.70W
Sun 11 Aug 16:00 Dublin, Ireland 53:20.50N 6:06.71W
Thu 08 Aug 16:00 Isle of Man 54:13.61N 4:41.68W
Fri 02 Aug 16:00 Oban, Scotland 56:24.60N 5:28.40W
Jul 2013
Wed 24 Jul 17:00 Inverness, Scotland 57:29.64N 4:14.20W
Mon 22 Jul 12:50 Passerer Lindesnes 57:45.00N 7:03.00E
Sun 21 Jul 13:00 The big day has finally arrived! 59:50.09N 10:28.35E