North Star
Andrew Joad
Tue 17 Jun 2008 22:40
Enjoying Horta. Becs flew out on Thursday, it was great to see her. Sam flew in on Monday and sadly Becs was on his plane back. Drove up to the Caldera, the volcano that created this island, and could see right down into the crater which has sealed over and is now lush green with several lakes; its 500 metres deep and about 1.5 miles in diameter, so pretty damn huge. We walked/climbed down until the cloud came in and with half an hour left of light we decided to turn back. 10 minnutes later we were at the top, so much easier going up than down apart from the heart rate!
Getting the boat ready for the trip back to the UK.Sealed a window today and fixed the loo pump again which was dripping but dry now, fantastic a dry boat that doesnt smell of sewage. Also started our wall painting which is a tradition for boats arriving in Horta. Ed arriving on Friday so plan to leave on Saturday morning.