39:00.96N 54:41.64W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Thu 29 May 2008 22:29
Very frustrating night with a good blow but no headsail so the wind was wasted; anoher poor days run of 76 miles and currently motoring as no wind. Need to reach the Azores high for the consistent south westerlies; forecast for the next couple of days light and variable winds.Seemed to have leaked rather alot of our water from the main tank into the bilges; discovered the leak after it worsened rsulting in no pressure. Fortunately still got for'd tank with 20 gallons and plenty of bottled water; using sea water for washing up. Had to take avoiding action for a tanker bearing down on us at 30 knots. Found my first flying fish on deck. Still eatng well but mostly from tins; tonights meal was a sausage stew with tinned veg, onion, herbs, pepper tomato. VG.