Day 11 & 12: Alien Shores

Buoy 'N Sea
Phil and Trish Littman
Sun 2 Dec 2007 02:01
18:01.30N, 63:02.61W
We made it. This is our landfall posting. We are going to enjoy our time here in St. Maarten, but check back the weekend of December 7th. We'll be posting high res pictures and video that we compiled over the course of our trip (Including views of the island).
Sombrero Island & Anguilla (Thursday, November 29th)
We reached Sombrero Island by sundown on Thursday. We could see it's lighthouse. This was the first time we've seen land since very early on in our trip. The moon was rising late in the night by now and we could see the glow of Anguilla over the horizon.
Midnight Landfall off St. Maarten Shores (Friday, November 30th)
We were far ahead of schedule, having received favorable winds and no squalls, we passed the tip of St. Maarten shortly after midnight. We were heavily reefed down to deliberately slow the boat since we would be able to dock until daybreak. This meant at least a 9 hour wait.
As we crept past Simpson's Bay, we could hear the thumping bass from the clubs and could see the traffic on the winding hills. We were getting hit by squalls coming off the island.
The first glimpse of the Island at daybreak.
Great view from the bay.
DOCKING (8AM At Bobby's Marina)
The first time we stepped on land in 12 days. Phil was wobbly-legged heading to the marina office.
Just like sea sickness, there's "land sickness." This is where you still feel the sensation of being in the ocean even though you're on land. Some of us felt it right away, others felt it awaking up in the middle of the night walking to the bathroom in the hotel room. It was difficult to steady ourselves.
After we docked, checked in to the marina and customs, we treated ourselves to breakfast consisting of freshly squeezed orange juice, cappuccino, and ham and cheese croissants at a French Cafe. Here is a sample of the island.
Oyster Bay. Truly an island paradise.
Just north of Oyster Bay. Future home of Steve's dream house.