Plymouth to Ipswich and the end of our voyage

Into The Blue
Andy & Gina Hilton
Sun 4 Jun 2017 06:36
52.02 N 009.43 W

Have been made so welcome by the Yacht Haven Marina staff it was difficult to leave. But we had to get to Ipswich.

Leaving Plymouth, having had our fill of pasties and Tribute beer. We’d dropped Brian’s personal stuff off and met his family. The weather looked very good and we cast off at 17:00 on 18th May 2017.

This was to be our last passage on Into The Blue and for that reason alone it was very sad. 

Thankfully the passage was uneventful, with the busy crossings of ferry’s at Dover easily negotiated we were soon surrounded by windfarms and by 16:15 on 20th May 2017 we’d tied up on A pontoon at Fox’s Marina in Ipswich. It was great to be met by friendly faces from when we left two years ago.

Start Log - 41570
Finish Log - 70442

Total Log nautical miles - 28,872nm this figure is inaccurate and depicts the miles that the yacht has passed through the water using a mechanical log.

Total GPS nautical miles, therefore the actual distance travelled over the surface of the earth - Ipswich 22nd June 2015 to 20th May 2017 - 34,418nm

Andy, Tom, Josh & Brian (not forgetting Gina, Laura, Katherine & Derv) We are all circumnavigators!