Left Cascais for Sines

Into The Blue
Andy & Gina Hilton
Sun 4 Oct 2015 11:08
37.57N 008.54W

Finally left Cascais after nearly 10 weeks.  It has been a great place to spend the summer and have thoroughly enjoyed all the festivals that have been going on (and continue as we speak).  As we left there was a beer festival and then a series of water events including sailing and surfing.
We had already enjoyed the ‘Sardine Festival’, the ‘Festival of the Sea’, a music festival, a vintage car rally and a weekend of the “Festival of Light’ all of which were enjoyable but I think we are ‘Festivaled’ out!!

Katherine joined the boat in Cascais then 2 weeks later Josh and Tom arrived on board. 2 days later we fuelled up and off we went.

Left Cascais at 09:30 Friday 25th September.  A good trip down the coast to Sines where we anchored off the beach.  As the sun went down the lights ashore lit up the town and the castle.