Prepping for the off

EAGER - Fastnet 2021
Chris C-W
Sat 7 Aug 2021 07:25

Rolex Fastnet 2021

Sail Wardrobe: 
  1. New Mainsail with two reefs
  2. Storm Tri-Sail and Storm Jib
  3. Jibs:  New No. 1 and No. 3 (blade)
  4. Flying Headsail
  5. Symmetric spinnaker (grey in yellow bag)
  6. A3 heavy air Asymmetric spinnaker
  7. A1.5 light air Asymmetric spinnaker 

Watch System:

10 crew
3 crew in each watch.  3 on watch x 3 on standby x 3 off watch, and floating navigator. 

3 hours on, 3 hours standby and 3 hours off at night.
4 hours on, 4 hours standby, 4 hours off during day.

1200-1600, 1600–2000, 2000-23002300-02000200-05000500-08000800-1200

Dinner at 2300
Breakfast at 0500
Lunch at 1200
Happy Hour at 2000

Go into watch system at 2000 first night. 

Rota for cooking, cleaning and charging batteries/generator to tie in with off watch.

Watch Captains:

Chris with Nora and Jonny 
Ben with Adam and Bruce
Manley with Rupert and Ed C  

Navigator - Richard (floating outside watch system)

“All Hands on Deck” Call:

Helm: Chris
Mainsheet: Ben
Jib/Spinnaker: Ed, Nora, Adam
Pit: Bruce,
Mast: Rupert, Jonny
Bow: Manley

Other roles:

Medic:  Ben
Engineer: Nora
Sail Repair: Manley and Ben
Safety Gear: Rupert
Boat and Rig Check: Chris 
Barman: Jonny
Food and water: Rupert and Adam
Weather and Entry Requirements etc : Richard

Pre Race Preparation Saturday 7 August

Re-check Safety Gear (second anchor, grab bag, first aid kit, flares, jackstays, etc)
Food and Water stowed on board (low as possible)
Crew hang personal wet weather gear, lifejacket, bum bag, sleeping bag on board
Check fuel tanks, gas bottles, water tanks
Remove anything that doesn’t need to be on boat
Complete jobs list 
Skippers briefing on line at 1600 (
Eat and sleep well!

Sunday Morning 

1.  Small bag for boat with: clothes etc, Remember Passport and Vaccine Passport 
2.  Second bag with washbag and shore clothes (grey EAGER polos)


Leave Lymington 0900 Sunday 8 August

Motor through RORC Gate close to Cowes:  Trisail, Storm Jib, dodgers, lifejackets 
Drop shore kit off in Cowes and pick up YB tracker
Grey EAGER jackets for start

Warning Signal 1200.  Start 1210.  5th of 7 starts
West/South West 18-22 knots.  West going tide. 


Breezy…  WSW 18-22 knots for first 24 hours, easing off when get to Cornwall.

695 miles later…


Dock in Cherbourg.  Get pissed.
ETA Friday evening / Saturday morning
Hotel and restaurants booked for Friday and Saturday nights.


Sat +881631400469