Day 5

EAGER - Fastnet 2021
Chris C-W
Fri 13 Aug 2021 14:26
Day 5

Today was all about the sailing. No distractions, just boat speed and course.

It’s astonishing to me as a novice offshore racer just how much ones fortunes can change in such a short space of time. We make a plan to head North for breeze, not too North, but just enough to hedge ourselves against the wind failing and tide becoming the major factor. Yachts criss cross the English Channel with their own theories. Our nemesis for the past 48 hours has a yacht called MOANA. At one point we were running along together with barely a mile separation, then they were 7 miles ahead then we were 2 miles ahead, crazy when we all seem to be sailing at roughly the same speed.

After 600 miles racing we were still locked in port starboard gybing duels, even in the dead of night. When the call for all hands on deck comes, quietly but purposefully the crew emerge onto deck. Very little talking. Everyone knows their place and the gybes happen seamlessly. Very satisfying…and fast.

From 0500hrs this morning we knew the finish line was in reach. Everyone came on deck looking for the best spot to ensure they made the hero photo on the finish line. Ru grabbed the spinnaker sheet for the money shot, the rest dressed in crew kit and tried to look tough. Some succeeded but most just looked like dads.

As we approached the line with the spinnaker set and the sun shining, I did begin to understand what all this offshore thing is about. It’s the satisfaction. That feeling of being with those who’s company you enjoy and pushing the boundaries a little.

Another great fun adventure.

We’re now alongside in Cherbourg. Washed down, and cleaned up. Hotel next and then supper on the street at Cafe de Paris.

Home tomorrow to our very patient families.