Second Wind
David Tuson
Wed 3 Jul 2013 22:06
3 July 1900 hours I am leaving Las Palmas heading for Tenerife intending to have an over night stop in a small port (Puerto De Aaete) on the Northwest corner before crossing the 65 kn miles to Tenerife, big mistake!!!
It was 2300 as I arrived and the wind had picked up to 25 knots and I was getting knocked about, I had prepared fenders and ropes before entering, as I did there was a large ferry on the berthing quay and the only place left was the end of a short mole the only person to help me was the security guard.
I was struggling with the wind as it was, then I approached there was the most dramatic downdraft from the near mountains I have ever felt, it ripped the Bimini of the steel frame and started to lash me around the neck and body. I increased revs to combat the wind and get me and the boat to the mole, my heart sank as the engine died and we were the being pushed toward the ferry.
Frantically I look for the reason and to my horror I realized that the wind had blown the port mooring rope in the water and it had gone round the propeller, at that time I firmly believed I was done for, and it was head in hands.
Then in desperation I started the engine and put it into reverse, thank god the rope cutter did its job, then with only feet from the ferry and me, the boat moved forward on to the mole phew.
Next morning diving gear on and over the side, I cut off about 5 meters of rope from the shaft and no harm done under the boat, restitched the zip and thought god that was close.
I then set off for Tenerife, thirty knot winds and very bumpy, I arrived at Marina San Miguel at 1800 hours