Antigua to Columbia

Chris & Helen Tibbs
Sat 9 Feb 2013 22:59

AS I write this we are sailing towards Santa Marta in Columbia surfing along down wind with a poled out headsail doing about 8 knots. After we left Antigua in the rain we have had non stop sunshine.

It was an amazing site sailing past Montserrat where the volcano is still active , there was steam rising from the summit and what looked like out of the side of the mountain.

After that we  sailed onto Islas Los Rochas a set of Islands off the Venezualan  coast. We caught a couple of  fish along the way Mahi Mahi and a wahoo, caught straight from the ocean , filleted  and cooked in butter and lemon they were both yummy !

We stayed in Los Rochas moving fom Island to Island for a few days and met up with another boat on the rally and had  a beach bbq which was lovley. Helen Practiced her snorkling skills she was a little cautious after seeing a Hammerhead shark swim by the boat when we arrived !   The reefs were amazing and lots of lovley fish to see.

Then onto Los Aves further West , the island we stopped at was a huge bird colony with thousands of birds living in the managroves and crystal clear reefs.


Next stop Columbia
Bye for now