Thu 20 Jun 2019 11:03
We had a though first 36 hours. The combination of less than 4 knots of wind and 1,5m swell is a sailors nightmare. However we managed to hang on to the leaders. Yesterday afternoon the wind died completely, leaving us drifting around for hours. Outside it was impossible to hide for the burning sun, inside the boat feels like a sauna. It drove us nuts.

Late afternoon the wind picked up again and since than it has been a nice sail. This morning a minor warm front came over, no problem at all. Coming night we expect a cold front, so we're going to have a good look at our meteo info to see how we're going to handle that.

If you followed the start on the tracker you noticed we left the island to the west, as most of the fleet did. Our reasoning was that sailing against the wind would provide the most pressure, and also the tide was running west near the coast. We'll have to wait for more than a week to learn how our choice panned out.