Made it as far as Pwllheli

Wed 21 Oct 2009 18:55
"52:53.0N  04:24.3W"
Another wet day.
Arrived in Pwllheli with 10cm under the keel, so a normal cutting it close arrival for me.
The list of things we have broken so far
1. No 1 reefing line
2. No 2 reefing line
3. Manual bilge pump
4. Port Light
5. Starbord Light
6. DVD player
7. Sail Car
8. Lost at sea, large Ball fender (David's faverate one)
9. David sallopets leek
So it could be a day of fixing things tommorow, while we wait for a sea that is not determined to get us wet.
But the sunrise this morning as we sailed out of Porth Dinllean makes it all worthwhile.

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