Two weeks at sea

Sailing Blown Away
Natasha Lambert
Sun 6 Dec 2020 14:30
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning on board Blown Away today, we’ve been paddling our feet off the back and enjoying the tropical sun. the weather has been very calm the last couple of days in fact too calm, We’ve had very light winds and have been struggling to move at all in the fluctuating whisp of a breeze, but hopefully we will get a few more knots as the sun rises further. Though the wind has been light we have made good progress with our spiniker flying. We passed our 2000mile mark and we now only have 661 nautical miles left to go! Our ships time has altered by another hour back, so we are now 3 hours behind U.K. time.
As Natasha went on the helm yesterday a whale breached behind her in the distance, an incredible sight, and we watched it for 20 minutes or more as it seemed to be playing on the surface with its large fin appearing and splashing the water.
We spoke to a French boat over the radio a few hours ago, Who are bound for Martinique they passed six miles to our stern and Being the first sighting of any vessel on our plotter since the first week, it was very exiting!


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