Time to gybe

Sailing Blown Away
Natasha Lambert
Tue 1 Dec 2020 09:57
Hello from the middle of the Atlantic!

We are a tiny speck on the ocean only seen a couple of seabirds and flying fish in the last two days. No boats seen for over 2 days. Rachel and Neil Tried fishing yesterday, just as well we had already organised tea as nothing caught but a fun afternoon trying !
We put our boat clock back an hour yesterday so we are now 2 hrs behind uk time.
Our other news is that we gybed, have been waiting for the wind to change And it has- although not as strong as forecast it was quite a bit lighter than predicted.
And as today is the start of advent, The Christmas songs are playing.....
Love to all our family and friends ....And many thanks to all of you who have sponsored me and the team here on Blown Away


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