Baby Blue Blog - Saturday 19th November 2016

Baby Blue
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Sat 19 Nov 2016 20:04
Hi All,

Day 4 on board the ‘Ark’ and it’s slow going….and Andy Skipper is still poorly.
Last night saw our first squalls (very wet and very windy) with Zander and Miguel now officially our squall crew - through some of us wonder if they are the ones attracting the squalls?
Forecast is for more squalls and lighter winds in between - tomorrow we will be a quarter of the way across so the plan is to will celebrate with pork chops and a glass of wine.We calculated that at this rate the journey will take 16 days and planning what to do (who to eat first?) if we run out of food - This worried Josh enough to do a stock take and prove we had lots of pasta and rice and to point out we had enough spare water (as long as no one washed again) to sip our way to St Lucia.
Tonight we had the world famous Dave’s Chilli Con Carne followed by fruit and more banana bread.
The evening was much improved with a visit by a bunch of spotted atlantic dolphins including some baby ones that came and played with us for a while before continuing on their journey….I Josh, Z snd Danny stood at the bow wondering where they were going next?

Beautiful sunset as I write the blog in the cockpit (who said men can’t multi task).
Tomorrow ….. I promise to take more photos of the rest of the crew

All for now