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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Feb 2012
Mon 20 Feb 17:10 Manta, Ecuador
Wed 15 Feb 15:55 01:0S 80:40W Drifting In The Pacific! 1:00.00S 80:40.00W
Wed 08 Feb 00:56 Panama Canal Done....In the Pacific!!!! 8:91.00N 79:53.50W
Wed 01 Feb 18:56 Panama 9:20N 82:15W 9:20.00N 82:15.00W
Jan 2012
Wed 25 Jan 16:56 Aruba, Aruba, Aruba. 12:30.3N 070:02.1W 12:30.30N 70:02.10W
Thu 19 Jan 00:46 14:05.0N 60:58.5W ST. LUCIA 14:05.00N 60:58.50W
Tue 17 Jan 21:21 15:34.0N 61:28.5W Antigua to Dominca 15:34.00N 61:28.50W
Dec 2011
Mon 19 Dec 19:58 The Last 200 Miles
Sun 18 Dec 14:53 Oh Ye of Little Faith 17:04.15N 061:53.059W 17:04.15N 61:53.06W
Fri 16 Dec 13:03 Lightning and Squalls 16:16.3N 056:047.6W 16:16.30N 56:47.60W
Wed 14 Dec 14:07 Creaks and Groans 16:25.4N 052:25.7W 16:25.40N 52:25.70W
Mon 12 Dec 20:52 Carnage! 16:33.1N 047:45.6W 16:33.10N 47:45.60W
Sun 11 Dec 13:47 Ups And Downs 17:29.4N 044:06.3W 17:29.40N 44:06.30W
Fri 09 Dec 15:06 17:27.7N 039:42.8W Plodding Along 17:27.70N 39:42.80W
Tue 06 Dec 22:16 16:32.8N 028:05.62W 16:32.80N 28:05.62W
Mon 05 Dec 19:44 16:24.22N 030:37.12W Atlantic 16:24.22N 30:37.12W
Sun 04 Dec 11:12 16:53.1N 024:59.4W Cape Verde 16:53.10N 24:59.40W
Fri 02 Dec 17:17 Cape Verde 16:53.9N 24:59.8W 16:53.90N 24:59.80W
Nov 2011
Mon 28 Nov 19:26 19:33.44N 019:55.05W Catching them fishes 19:33.44N 19:55.05W
Thu 24 Nov 19:00 28:01.100N 16:36.53W And we are off!!! 28:01.10N 16:36.53W
Sun 13 Nov 22:55 Madeira to the Canaries 28:39.47N 15:25.28W
Oct 2011
Mon 24 Oct 14:30 Madeira 32:44.46N 16:42.66W
Wed 12 Oct 20:43 Leaving La Coruna onwards to Madeira
Sun 09 Oct 18:54 Mylor To La Coruna via the Bay Of Biscay 43:22.17N 8:23.25W
Sep 2011
Mon 26 Sep 20:33 mylor_getting ready....again 50:10.58N 5:03.25W