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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sep 2009
Wed 30 Sep 16:59 Dairy entry number twenty-one Tunisia to Palma Position 39'33:31N 02'37:53E
Fri 25 Sep 17:54 Diary entry number twenty - Tunisia Position 36'52:01N 10'21:17E
Tue 15 Sep 15:13 Diary entry number nineteen - Malta. Position 35.53:25N 14.31:20E 35:53.25N 14:31.20E
Sat 05 Sep 10:49 Diary entry number eighteen - Crete Position 25.31:12N 24.01:17E 25:31.12N 24:01.17E
Tue 01 Sep 08:23 Diary entry number seventeen - Suez to Crete. Postition 35.16:80N, 25.44:43E 35:16.80N 25:44.43E
Aug 2009
Sun 16 Aug 14:33 Diary entry number sixteen - Red Sea to Suez Position 31.00:81N 32.18:67E 31:00.81N 32:18.67E
Thu 06 Aug 14:32 Diary entry number fifteen - Red Sea. Position 27.42:33N 34.16:08E 27:42.33N 34:16.08E
Jul 2009
Mon 27 Jul 07:56 Diary entry number fourteen - Suez canal Postition 29.56:85N, 32.34:39E 29:56.85N 32:34.39E
Sat 18 Jul 17:44 Diary entry number thirteen - Rhodes Position 36.27:06N, 28.13:60E 36:27.06N 28:13.60E
Sat 11 Jul 09:08 Diary entry number twelve - Naxos to Rhodes. Potision 36.16:95N 27.46:91E 36:16.95N 27:46.91E
Sun 05 Jul 16:10 Diary entry number eleven - Ios to Naxos Position 37.06:27N 25.22:47E 37:06.27N 25:22.47E
Wed 01 Jul 16:26 Diary entry number ten - Athens to Santorini - Postition 36.57:47N, 25.32:25E 36:57.47N 25:32.25E
Jun 2009
Sat 20 Jun 18:00 Diary entry number nine - Cephalonia to Athens - Position 37.55:06N 23.36:99E 37:55.06N 23:36.99E
Mon 08 Jun 15:19 Diary entry number eight - Inland Sea Postion 37:59.72N 20:46.08E 37:59.72N 20:46.08E
May 2009
Sat 30 May 18:37 Diary entry number seven - Inland Sea - Position 38:57.45N 20:45.31E 38:57.45N 20:45.31E
Fri 22 May 19:45 Diary entry number six - Meganisi and Lefkas - Position 38:49.89N 20:42.70E 38:49.89N 20:42.70E
Fri 15 May 10:12 Diary entry number five - Paxos - Position 39:12.16N
Fri 08 May 09:59 Diary entry number four - Corfu - position 39:48.32N 19:54.93E 39:48.32N 19:54.93E
Mon 04 May 12:54 Diary entry number three - approach to Messina straits - 38:23.69N 15:18.66E 38:23.69N 15:18.66E
Fri 01 May 13:23 Diary entry number two - Sicily - position 38:10.919N, 012:43.974E 38:10.92N 12:43.97E
Apr 2009
Thu 30 Apr 16:42 Fw: Diary entry number one - position 39:08.84N 08:18.55E 39:08.84N 8:18.55E