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Date: 13 Feb 2013 18:41:16
Title: Position 18:24.869N 064:36.893W

Final log 5616
Logged in total since Tenerife 2926nm
Logged since Torrevieja 4006nm

At last the movement of the keyboard is due solely to the vaguely alcoholic swaying of the typist, or perhaps its the unusual motion due to being able to walk on things that do not move at last!

We arrived in Tortola around 1700 local yesterday, tied up at the Customs Quay and completed all the formalities and also met up with the owners Gail and Peter and my good friend of many years, Tony Newing Ward, who lives here and will look after the boat from now on.

This is the last Blog of the trip and we would all like to thank everyone who has showed such an interest in this trip and also to those who have sent messages both during the trip and since our arrival here.

MARIPOSA BLANCA now rests gently on her new berth and below is how she looked at daybreak today. Her clocks are readjusted to UT + 4 hrs. Her owners witnessed her arrival and hope to enjoy a short sail in the next few days, whilst we the team relax a little.

Thereafter this "A team is ready for the next challenge!

The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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