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Date: 10 Feb 2013 13:00:37
Title: Position 18:13.8N 59:01.9W

Sunday Feb 10th 2013
Log 5324
Noon to noon 109nm
GPS to go 317nm
ETA Tortola Wed 13th

Good morning all, (or afternoon depending where you may be),

Thought to break the habit of the voyage and do a morning blog. The sun is
now up for an hour, alhtough it is 1230 in UK and 1330 in Spain.

Mike thanks Julie and her husband for a kind offer of hospitality on
Saturday and will reply later today he says. He is thinking of swapping the
time in a bar for a swim in your pool!!!

No fish yesterday as Adrian is clearly losing his golden touch but his best
lure was eaten overnight so he is dreaming of the big one that got away! He
has now baited up with his very last squid lure in the hopes of a final
fresh dinner - otherwise its count what is left and choose some tins,
although Ade has been promising to bake bread all trip and we have him
cornered now, so today may be the day!! We have enough gas afterall,
sufficient coffee and neither Mike nor Andy have run out of tobaaco
products, so tempers remain calm.

Thanks to all contributors to the fish ID contest. It seems the big black
nasty looker may be some sort of Barracuda and I sure don't fancy meeting
one in the sea!

Had to motor sail all night in very light easterlies and today looks like
more of the same. Much more wind is scheduled to arrive overnight tonight
and we are ready for it.

Tried but failed to identfy fault with tachometer yesterday but charging
systems are "A" OK.

No shipping overnight and dawn much as yesterday but no rain showers yet.

We do not wish to arrive in the hours of darkness as this may be our only
chance of seeing the BVI's from afloat. So we are now considering our
options today about where and how we slow up to arrive Wed daytime rather
than Tuesday night.

With the end in sight, anticipation is building but are are not relaxing
fully in case mother nature and sod's law has a trick up the sleeve for us.

There may be a last chance for us to enjoy an Atlantic dip today with the
light breeze and water temps still around 28 degrees.

Blogs tomorrow may be short if we have the bouncy ride we somehow expect and
also, we may be actually navigating to avoid real islands, coral reefs,
pirates & thieves etc. so will be focussing on the task in hand for sure.

Thanks to Jan and Heather for confirmations of spots and blogs last night
and Jan for her regular good morning sms - well done and much appreciated by
us all.

The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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