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Date: 08 Feb 2013 16:56:01
Title: Position 18:07N 055:21W

Friday 8th Jan 2013
Day 21
Log 5114
Noon to noon 128nm
GPS to go 527nm

Hi all,

Sorry for mistyping position the day before yesterday, which prevented the blog being located on the map.

Its a keyboard moving factor of 8 again as we bounce our way down throught the miles of longitude towards the destin ation. Last night ended up being the smoothest and fastest bit of the journey to date, after Mike fired up tuna steaks for himself and Ade. Good progress mostly in the right direction under a moonless sky permitting all of us to have a reasonable period of sleep. The day has been bright without the typical dark clouds and rain showers of late but the wind picked up soon after dawn (which is now 1000UT) and then veered a little S. of east so we gybed once more but expect to gybe back onto a heading of around 290 during this evening.

Still on same fuel tank and same gas bottle. Rev counter failed today but the alternator is charging ok so this is not an issue to be concerned about.

My talk of tamed gremlins yesterday was clearly premature because of the rev counter, the failure of the laptop to charge properly and some minor technical points we have had to chase down and resolve. So we have decided to subcontract the task of catching the gremlin to Sherlock Holmes, if we can email him at Baker Street.

By request of the Rising Sun pub in Gunnislake, a photo of the black beast is attached, albeit taken by flash as it was landed on the platform.

I have been reminded to mention my Brother's Grandson Logan, will have his first birthday next Wednesday and mention it now as blogs may become scarce that day. Logan lives with his Mum and Dad in New England, not too far from the owner of this yacht and I understand the Hudson river is frozen with daily snow there, so Peter will be looking forward to seeing his yacht again next week in the sunny BVI.

Nice to hear from Daryl with interesting info about the boat name -thanks a lot.

Thanks to Iain for the midnight sms's regarding spot. I think we are back on line with these now.

A small reserve stock of San Miguel beer has been located aboard which has boosted morale somewhat but we will be a dry ship by arrival next week.

Current eta is Tuesday late, so we may delay until Wednesday for pure convenience. Wind is due to become strong NE on Tuesday, so it could be a sprint finish in the pm or perhaps an anchor off not far away until daylight Wed.

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