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Date: 20 Jan 2013 17:34:59
Title: Sunday 20 Jan Position 26:5N 019:02W

Hello all.

LOg 2838
Distance by GPS to go 2561nm
First 24 hrs log 121nm

Afetr a rather boistrous start yesterday, the night saw reducing wind (to 5 knots at times) and difficult to sail in conditions with a bouncy sea leftover. We had a super half moon during the first part of the night and later full cloud cover. Sleep was very hard for all of us and thus we have welcomed today which has gradually improved and become more settled. Since lunchtime we have had a failry steady NE4-5 and are making around 6.5 to 7 knots consistently, heading around 240T. The aim remains to stay a little high, ie not stray too far below 25N for a few days and thus hope to minimise the effects of a quite big blow due in 4 hrs from now.

Andy did a balancing act on the front of the boom this morning (suitably supported by halyard and harness) to lengthen the mainsail leech line which needs adjusting and is made totally out of reach on this boat (sail designed by which fool springs to mind) and now we have control of the leech flutter in a safe manner.

Mike made us bacon and eggs sandwiches for elevenses and Ade has just hit the galley to prepare spag bol for this evening.

Sunset still a couple of hours away as I type this blog.

No fish or animals around us noted and no shipping either. Last night and into this morning, we passed the most southern Canary Island of Hierro about 25m to our north. I guess this may the most southerly point of Europe also?

Otherwise all is well onboard and everything functioning normally. Still needed thermals last night on watch but a little warmer inside the cabin than previously.

Looking forward to a better noon to noon distance tomorrow.

bye from us all

The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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