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Date: 13 Jan 2013 13:24:14
Title: Position 32:48N 011:50W

Hi all,

Sunday 13th Jan 1300 UT
Log 2294
Distance to Tenerife 390 approx
ETA now early hours Wed.

Yesterday was a great day with several hours cruising shute use and enhanced speeds up to 7 knots. It was taken down after supper as the sunset, as a precautionary measure. Porgress since Gib has been slower than hoped for due to the log period of light winds but this is chnaging now. At the 1200 watch change from Andy to Adrian, the big black cloud that had been shadowing us for the previous 2 hours arrived with its vengeance and some serious rainfall causing the previously leaking window to be checked and declared "fixed". We reefed just before the cloud arrived and the winds have risen to around 20 knots and gusting from the N to NNW and we are tracking towards the Waypoint at the N of Tenerife at around 6.5 knots but now in quite lumpy seas.

Mike says to Heather, thanks for sms and he isn't going outside today due to the rain. He also complained the noise of the gin bottle in the cabinet near his head is spoiling his sleep!

Blog is late due to all the above and maybe very brief to morrow when rather more wind is forecast. WE are aiming slightly NW of rhumb line in order to gybe southwards after the heaviest wind has passed, perhaps sometime overnight or tomorrow morning.

Typos today are entirely as a result of the computer moving as I aim for the keyboard and the fact I keep sliding off the seat!

Rich should have overflown us yesterday as he was due in Lanzarote then.

Good luck to Julian as he starts his new new job in Dubai.

Again many thanks Jan for your daily and twice daily sitreps from home. We are already anticipating them arriving.

Mark Dixon- many thanks for your message which did get here and best regards to you from all of us.

Also to Paul Williams - thanks for your message and also your valuable help caring for Jemima while I am away.

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