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Date: 17 Dec 2010 18:00:50
Title: ARC Finish!!

We crossed the finish line at 0508 hrs on thursday morning.  But that was only the start of a long day of celebrations ending up on the beach with steel bands in the early hours of friday morning.!
We motored the last 8 hours or so as the wind had almost completely died.  A number of pictures were taken as we finished and I hope to be able to post them on here in a day or two. The results will be published tomorrow, Saturday, at the prizegiving, I may or I may not do a blog then!
Thank you very much for all the support from those following us and especially to my crew.  Top crew indeed and nobody killed anybody, quite good after nearly four weeks on a small boat bobbing about with the same scenery every day.
Well, it was quite an experience and there is great fun to the debriefs with other crews.  The boat performed very well although we do have some repairs to do now.  The spinnaker track, the spray hood, the navigation lights and the autohelm being the main issues to deal with.  After about 5500 miles I suppose that is not bad. 
So where to next!  Who knows?  Thousand Knights will sit on our dock here in Rodney Harbour for the next while and hopefully we will get to do some cruising around the islands. 
Thank you again to everyone who supported our endeavour and particularly to Jenny, Jane, Sue and Suzanne for supporting their boys with their toys.

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