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Date: 08 Dec 2010 12:50:17
Title: ARC + 16/17

Well, we have certainly got the trades  now.  They picked up yesterday to 20- 25 knots and we are making 7-9 knots.  Surfng at over 12 on some ocasions.  Not quite white knuckle stuff but definitely waves at difficult to make tea level.  If this continues we should be arriving  next wednesday.  Our course is 292 to our waypoint just at the north of St Lucia.
The question for today for our classroom followers is
What are Atlantic Rollers?
Are they,
The big bread rolls we have for lunch on board,
the very big waves
 Rolls Royces painted in Ocean Green?
The autopilot has gone on strike giving us a message saying  'Drive stop'
We have RTFM and reset the system with no joy.  Any ideas, do let us know please.  We can not get the Hydrovane to work and are wondering what their Rep did in Las Palmas when he came and made some adjustments  it.
Otherwise all is welland we are screaming along our way.

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