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Date: 03 Dec 2010 13:23:03
Title: ARC + 12

TODAY  we caught a fish!  Well, it jumped on to the boat all by itself.  The easy question today for the class is what sort of fish would it be?  There may be a photo on the blog later. 
We are still continuing on our south westerly course now until we reach the 12th latitude.  We will be happy when we catch those trades and head for St Lucia. 
 We are thinking of you in UK lobbing the snowballs about, somehow we dont feel so bad being hot and sticky now.
This ARC is turning out to be one of the slowest ever.  The party schedule is being hastily rearranged in Rodney Bay.  The Welcome party is now the Early Arrivals party!
The forecast winds for next week should be very good for us so we are still aiming for arrival on 15th. 
Lawrence is making the Hydrovane do its work today and we have the tow generator out to charge the batteries.

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