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Date: 20 Nov 2010 15:57:21
Title: ARC minus 1

It hardly seems possible that within 24 hours we will be under way having started what is probably the greatest adventure we will ever undertake.  Excitement is mounting and we just want to go.  With a Yachtmaster (James), a Yachmaster Instructor (Nick) and a very experienced Lawrence on board, Skipper has a fine crew.  As I write they are doing last minute jobs with electric drills and much tying of ropes to secure our extra fuel.  We are carrying in excess of 300 litres altogether which will give us about 150 hours on engine at 1800 revs.  Since the wind is predicted to be at the middle to lower end of the scale on this trip we may be pleased to have that fuel to keep going in the doldrums.
We had the Skippers briefing this morning. Going with the ARC is most definitely a great way to cross the Atlantic.  The organisation and support is superb and the parties are not bad!  Last night there was a farewell party at the 'local' sailing Club.  This is far cry from any sailing club I have ever been in with an olympic swimming pool, huge terrace for over 1000 people overlooking the harbour and a dinghy park that would take several thousand Lymington scows! 
The start tomorrow will be at 1300hrs and we are READY TO GO.
We hope to take some pictures of the start to put on the blog.
RARA says Nick.

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