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Date: 17 Sep 2010 18:35:40
Title: Final Day

Last day in Las Palmas.  We fly home tonight having put the boat to bed.  An Englishman living aboard his boat here in the marina will be looking after Thousand Knights II while I am back home.  We had a very good trip from Lagos and overall we have been lucky with the weather after the hold up in Falmouth.  I am very grateful to my crew who have been great and without whom the trip would not have been possible.  I have learnt a lot from them too, particularly Simon and Lawrence.  Sadly, brother Anthony (the other blogger) has decided offshore sailing is not for him and will not be doing the ARC.  At the end of the pontoon is a noticeboard where would be crew for the ARC advertise.  Isabella a 22yr old swedish blonde stands out!  There are many willing crew apparently in Las Palmas just before the ARC and I am reliably informed that 70% of these are well endowed swedish blondes.  Jenny, are you quite sure that you do not want to come!  I can see a debate developing over which is preferable, a swedish blonde with sailing skills or an ample Fraulein with cooking skills.   Decisions, decisions!
Thank you again to all those who supported me on the trip, particularly Jenny.
So, we close down now until hopefully we start getting ready for the ARC in November.

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