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Date: 11 Sep 2010 18:01:15
Title: 34.58.7n 10.22.0w

left lagos 13:30 fri on a 215degree course to the canaries (not the greatest passage planning challenge known to modern man).
light force 2 ne winds strengthened to northerly 3-4 through the night and has kept us under sail for 28 hrs over a distance of 170nm.  we are now off the african coast to the south of tanger and 1degree north of rabat.
weather is dry and good vis with winds remaining northerly 3-4 blowing us down our desired course. sea conditions have been tall, cross and choppy with the consequence that all movement needs to be carefully planned lest one's intended progress is added to by the boat's motion and one meets a hard object at speed.
the bimini combined with large cross seas meant that last nights helming was a challenge with star fixes only working when standing on the helmsman's seat while hanging on grimly to the bimini poles.  eventually we put aside power use and handed over to the autohelm.  solar panels and the tow generator are now in use with the latter cutting around one knot off our speed.
that's all for now folks, just a quick line to give you a position and reassure that all aboard are fit and well.  

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