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Date: 08 Sep 2010 19:03:39
Title: Lagos

Wednesday 8th September
We arrived in Lagos yesterday about lunchtime after an uneventful overnight motor sail from Cascais.  Lagos has a superb marina and facilities with a lot of nice cafes and restaurants around it.  Sadly Simon left us today and we will miss him.  His experience was a great asset, particularly to the Skipper.  Thank you Simon for your company and for your rigorous keeping of the log, something the Skipper seems to forget! We enjoyed a final breakfast before Simon went to catch his bus.  The English breakfasts here are right on the mark and since custard tarts are now a thing of the past Mark and I felt obliged to keep the English end up! 
We then had a morning of domestic bliss cleaning and washing and, Jenny, now that washing machines have been explained to me by the Maintenance Manager here I am an expert  ( I might regret telling you that). 
The engineer arrived around lunchtime and I am optimistic that tomorrow he will have sorted the watermaker and serviced the engine.  We have done over 170 hours motoring since Lymington and covered 1020 odd miles. 
This afternoon we went for a swim on the lovely beach nearby except we got bitten by little bitey things, Mark was most upset.   Mark leaves us in the morning and is keen to have lobster before he goes, we have promised him sardines at a little local restaurant on the way to the beach.  As always he has been good company and Anthony and I will miss him. 
The good news is that tomorrow Lawrence and James arrive. Both are keen sailors with Lawrence having much experience of big boats and James is an accomplished dinghy sailor and both are very good helms.  We might be able to give George Pilot a rest, he has been working very hard for the last three weeks and I do not want him to get ideas of overtime.  Hopefully we will get some fair winds to take us to Las Palmas.  We plan to depart Lagos on Friday all being well.

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