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Date: 06 Sep 2010 15:38:48
Title: Emailing: Watermaker HP pump installation TKII 033

Monday 6th September
We leave Cascais at 1345 today after a very pleasant stopover.  The marina is good and yesterday under the command of Herr Simon Derrick we were frogmarched around Lisbon.  Occasionally we were allowed into an approved hostelry and food and drink were summoned.  Lisbon is famous for its custard tarts.  We tried a few and had some interesting cups of tea or 'cha' in teapots that put more tea on the table than in the cup until we worked out that you have to open the lid first!  Anthony took a day out in Cascais and found himself caught up in a crowd heading into Mass where he spent the next hour having no idea what was going on.  In fact Lisbon was fascinating and well worth the visit. 
In Bayona we erected the ships new bimini and today we are sailing with the patio windows forard open and we are enjoying the breeze, you may see this in the pic attached. Many comments have been made as to the genius of its design but, of course, I am far too modest to mention these.
We are hoping that we might have a solution to our watermaker problem and will try this in Lagos.  We aim to reach Lagos in the morning soon after we go round Cape Sr Vincent  We are expecting North/North Easterlies F 3 or 4 but right now we are motorsailing.
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Watermaker  HP pump installation  TKII 033

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