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Date: 30 Aug 2010 12:56:35
Title: Day 11 and 12 43.40.12n 007.35.67w

Monday 30th August
Land Ahoy!  0930 hrs as we entered Ria Viveiro about 50 miles east of La Coruna.  461 nm in 72 hours, a very fast passage with N/NW/NE winds all the way. Average 6.4kn.  Some of the passage we motor sailed but find that in the right winds TKII will sail at 8-9knots.  The crew has been superb, Simon's experience being very useful indeed.  Also his ability to do galley things in all weathers compensates for the Skipper's helplessness in that area.  Anthony was pleased to overcome the initial problems with getting weather reports and I find that son Mark is still a son when it comes to getting up in the morning!  It is great to have him with us always ready with a laugh to balance Skipper's grumpy old man. The forecasts indicated a storm off Finisterre today which is why we headed east of La Coruna and maybe head for there tomorrow. 
PS Note for Rob, your portion of chicken you left too early too eat has lastest us four four nights.
PS Note for Tom, the forehatch leaked again.  More silicon and more duck tape.  
Heading off now for long late lunch hopefully with some Rioja.

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