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Date: 28 Aug 2010 11:12:50
Title: 48.10 n 6.02 w

Day 9
Simon and Mark joined us on eve Thurs Day 8. At long last the weather forecasts are loking like we can leave Falmouth. At 9:35 on Fri day 9 we leave the diesel pontoon and 10:15 sees us passing Black Rock at the entry to Falmouth.  We headed south, like you do, and waited to see where the wind would take us.  We had north easterlies then northerlies backing to north westerly around force 5.  24 hrs later we've crossed the channel and made fast passage to the west of the shipping lane and reached a point level with Raz de Seine (south of Brest) a distance of around 150nm.  With a bit of luck mailasail will pick up our subject and post our position at 09:00 Sat day 10.     
Dolphins have bee out to greet us and mark claimed sighting of a great white shark.  The skipper is not fooled, didn't believe him and doled out the wally hat (the rest are safe for 24 hrs).  We've just enjoyed scrambled egg and tomato using eggs laid by simon's chickens.  During the night Fi's delicious flapjacks and fruit cake also found very appreciative customers. 
We are now heading for Spain under motor sail at around 7knots in calm seas, under a magnificent blue sky and a warming sun and hoping for F3/4 later.  Absolutely delightful after a night when those not on watch were best advised to wedge themselves tight into whatever sleeping quarters they were using or risk being catapaulted towards something sharp and hard.

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