Fri 6 Nov 2009 11:12
Las Galattas is a funny place, with a very pretty marina, but a bit of a minging small town attached. Our plan was to head around the southern tip of Tenerife and go and anchor up in Los Cristianos, which is the archetypal canarian resort town, with attractions such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, Aberdeen Steak House, lots of bars and clubs and...well, not much else. However, it looked like a promising anchorage. On enquiry, it turns out that the authorities have clamped down on hobo's like us and wont let yachts anchor in the bay (I suspect because they are not paying the tax that marinas charge).
After a couple of days recovery, and with the weather being settled, we decided to see if we could anchor in the lee of a headland called 'red rock'. It turns out that the beach next door to this headland is a nudist beach! However, it was a nice anchorage with great views of Mount Teide, and so we fired up the barbecue and cooked some fantastic fish that we had bought from the market in Las Galattes. We were hoping that we could stay for a few days until Jennifer's brother Richard and his family came out, but the headland did not give quite enough shelter and after a very rocky and rolly night we reluctantly headed into the nearby marina in the resort of Golf del Sur.
A view of Mount Teide
The Golf del Sur resort seems to be exclusively English (again with an Aberdeen Steak House!), and aside from Golf, there is little to do. After scoping out the local hotel pools, we settled on our favorite and spent a day there..before hiring a car, which enabled us to do some surfing and kite surfing (perhaps more accurate, I should say 'attempt' because both our abilities in the respective sports are somewhat deficient or perhaps more accurately, non existent!)
Life is really tough!
Jennifer's brother and family arrived, and it was fantastic to spend a week with them. It is shocking how quickly toddlers grow up, with Millie (Jennifer's 1 and 11 month old niece) clearly pronouncing lots of words, where only 6 weeks ago, we struggled to understand her.  Jennifer really enjoyed spending some time with Mille, although apparently it is not on to tell a toddler that her dolly has died in a horrific pram accident!
Feeling ourselves a bit like kids coming back home, we took all our washing up to the apartment (honestly we had not been storing up our washing for this occasion!), and miraculously it all came back clean (for which we are immensely grateful)! Sarah, Jennifer's sister in law, is a great cook, and so we also got very well fed into the bargain.  Jennifer was very sad to see them leave, with rather more than a trace of a lump in her throat as they drove away.
All too soon the week finished and we had to get the boat ready for Laura, Jennifer's friend, and Rob (a mutual friend) and his friend Alex to arrive out.

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