32:43.34N 144:33.69W

Theodora - to Hawaii
Tue 26 Jul 2011 02:42
Winds have slowly been picking up today; only motored for an hour this morning.
More garbage in the water.  A plastic milk crate went by a few feet from the boat.
That’s the sort of thing that gets me jumping when it bumps and drags along the boat.  Makes me wonder what’s happening.
A few birds (seagulls?) circled the boat for about an hour today.  They looked interested in landing, but couldn’t get enough nerve.
I’ve been listening to Captain Bligh’s story of the mutiny on the Bounty.
I paid close attention to the details of the voyage that he made when they were set adrift:
23 ft boat, with 18 men in it, travelled a distance of 3,600 miles, over 41 days.
They ate an ounce of bread and a quarter pint of water each day.
Luckily, they were able to catch some sea birds, and eat them up, bones and all.
Maybe that’s why the birds didn’t land on my boat today.
Anyway, it made my food and water situation look pretty good!