32:12.11N 144:07.92W

Theodora - to Hawaii
Mon 25 Jul 2011 02:09
A long, slow day.
Motored for 3.5 hrs., ghosting along otherwise, at about walking speed.
I head directly south when motoring (slightly more wind to the south), instead of directly toward Hawaii.
More garbage in the water today.  I see something every half-hour or so.  Plastic net, rope, and a bottle!
I actually turned around and tried to pick up the bottle.  It was corked, and might have had someone’s last message in it...
I didn’t quite reach it, but I was close enough to see nothing inside of it, so I passed on.
Later, a huge bird swooped by.  “Albatross” I said as I saw it’s 5 or 6 ft. wingspan.  Neat!
...and it’s getting warm.  Shorts only, and stay out of the direct sun.