46:43.09N 126:12.74W

Theodora - to Hawaii
Wed 13 Jul 2011 01:38
...another light-winds day; too little wind to sail.
Motored for a couple of hours this morning.
I hate motoring because I have to sit and steer constantly.
It’s like driving a car at 5mph - very boring.
Then at 1:00pm today that all changed:
in the space of 10 minutes it went from no wind to 20+ kts.
I wasn’t fully prepared, and have been working to sort things out
on this wild, churning and tossing ride.
I guess I asked for this.
It is good to be moving; I’ll cover a good distancr by noon tomorrow.
By the way, these points I’m plotting are NOON positions even though I type them in later in the day.
To give you a feel for the ride, I’m typing with one hand while bracing myself with the other hand.
Sleeping will be a challenge.