Day 14 | So nearly there

Sun 9 Dec 2018 19:36
14 42.5N 056 43.5W@ 1300UT 9/12/2018
Daily Run: 171nm *sad face*
Tune of the day: "Driftwood" by Travis
Two weeks at sea, and we're so nearly there (220 miles at the time of writing) but its agonisingly slow going now as the winds have gone very light and we are crawling along.  We are expecting to limp over the line in little more than 10 kts of breeze tomorrow late afternoon.
Ben and Mark  have continued their celestial navigation pursuits, but this time using stars and planets - instead of the sun - to determine our position. Shooting the star Vega was easy, Saturn was somewhat challenging, but both Ben and Mark struggled to locate Uranus... However, they have reliably informed the rest of the crew that we're still in the North Atlantic and are probably a bit further West than this time yesterday. Great work guys.
There's not much to say about the sailing - its very slow and last night was uneventful. Boredom is starting to set in between sail changes and the crew have resorted to childish games, such as: eye spy (surprising difficult with a landscape that never changes), devising imaginary dinner party guest lists and 'flirt, marry, avoid'... Please send us some more games to play, we need to stay occupied in these final few hours. To further indulge the crew's childish tendencies, the executive decision was made to raid the grab bag - a water proof emergency bag, which holds vital supplies should be have to abandon ship. The first item to be pillaged, was a bag of Haribo. The fate of the other 2 bags of Haribo in the grab bag remain uncertain.
We can almost smell the rum and hear those reggae beats - St. Lucia can't come soon enough....
Theia Crew
Today's "firsts" for Iain
- Longest period without eating a pot noodle
Daily Stats
Max boat speed: 12.1kts
Dolphins spotted: 0 
Whales Spotted:  1
Gybes: 5
Flying Fish on deck: 2
Buckets of vomit: nil