Day 3 | Points of view

Wed 28 Nov 2018 12:59
23 42.991N 022 29.6940W @1300UT 28/11/2018
Daily Run 190nm
Tune of of the day: Points of View theme tune
Today we answer a question from our avid follower "Kevin from Oxfordshire":

Q: Good idea to use the 'Twizzle' rig setting, was it a twin foresail rig for broad reaching or running or two jibs sewn into a common luff tape and hoisted up the foil of a furling gear with the clews poled out? BTW were the inboard ends of the poles clipped to a universal joint suspended in front of the mast? They didn't have that in my 'Day Skipper' book!!
A: Great question, Kevin. Wikipedia is clearly serving you well.  We are currently running deep with two head sail out and full main. As we're a cutter rig we don't have to put the two sails into the same luff groove., We also only have one pole, so the genoa is poled out to windward and the smaller inner staysail is sheeted to leeward, assisted but an outboard lead to the back of the boat. And yes, the pole is attached to a universal joint which travels up and down a track on the front of the mast. See the picture on this post for greater detail.
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Turning to other news, Iain has now sufficiently mastered his nausea to start using fully sentences again.  He has even volunteered to cook tomorrow and has now dedicated the remainder of the day towards planning how to cook sausage and egg sandwiches for lunch.  Not typically known for his culinary skills at the best of times, this will be his first attempt to cook at sea in rolling swells.  We're not sure we have enough Imodium to cope with the outcomes, so this could well be our last blog for a while.  However, stay tuned...
Today's "firsts" for Iain
- Walking unaided on the deck
- Sleep
Daily Stats
Max boat speed: 11.4kts
Dolphins spotted: 4
Plasters administered: 2 (Ben lost out in a confrontation with a tin of sweetcorn)
Gybes: 1
Flying Fish on deck: 0
Buckets of vomit: Nil

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