Day 15.2 | We're finished!

Mon 10 Dec 2018 23:11
14.04.9N 060 57.8W@ 22:24:04UT 10/12/2018
Total Distance Sailed: 2,946nm
Tune of the day: [insert]
Minkey called "LAND AHOY!" at 1800UT, then we had the best sunset we've had all trip (photos to follow). Since then we've only gone and ruddy done it! 2,946 nautical miles in 15 days 9 hours 24 minutes and 04 seconds, Team Theia of London have crossed the finish line in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. It's been a tough race with many highs and lows, so we thought we'd summerise with our personal highlights of the race:
Mark "Jags" Jagger
Highest point - The massive dolphin pod that joined us early on.
Lowest point - Blowing "Prince" up.
Mark "Minkey" Minkley
Highest point - See a whale from the top of the mast, surfing under the boat!
Lowest point - 4am night watch, stepping out on deck and immediately getting hit by a wet squall.
Iain "Wurzo" Worzwick
Highest point - Completing a transatlantic!!!
Lowest point -  Start of week two when I had an immense feeling of remoteness.
Ben "BJ" Jones
Highest point - Getting emails from my girls at sea - they hadn't been born on any of our previous adventures. Generally being back in this big watery desert and overcoming the challenges.
Lowest point - Cooking at 45 degree of heel in 30 degrees of heat!
Mike "Half-beard" Pickering
Highest point - There was one epic night watch where I was alone on deck, the surf was amazing, the stars were beautiful and we were trucking along.
Lowest point - Hearing "Prince" rip in two whilst I was at the helm.
Not only are we celebrating completing another transatlantic, but for Mark, Minkey, Ben and Mike, finishing this trip means that they've now sailed over 10,000nm together! Those 10,000+ miles have created many memories. Some we like to remember, and others that we'd rather forget...
Mark Jagger
Highs? I've got too many positive memories to count.  Standing on the podium in 2012 when we took silverware on our first Atlantic crossing will always stand out on my mind. 
Lows? Every time we break something, and I start counting the cost...
Mark Minkley
Having now sailed over 10,000nm with this great team there are a bucket load of amazing memories from night sailing mid Atlantic with a sky shooting stars to sailing into Stornoway as part of our Round Britain & Ireland race where my friend Ivan was the Coastguard. But if I had to choose one it would be the early morning sail on Little Pea up the River Avon under Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge to Bristol
Ben Jones
Highest point was flying the big symmetrical kite in 25 knts on the run in to St Lucia in 2014 - the year we came first in class, although there are many others:
  • The whole 2012 crossing in heavy winds - our frst together and felt like the biggest challenge we've faced together so far.
  • Mike's pole dancing in Whitby during the RBIC challenge
  • And obviously sailing with our new crew member Iain
  • Mooring up by the beach in the BVIs - Little Pea had a lifting keel and we could almost walk to the bar...
  • Mike's lovely wife Ruth, "encouraging" Mike to get his snoring sorted - a profound success!
Low Points
There have been so many:
  • Sailing into Plymouth in the fog with no electronics - GPS / Radar, or anything else, and meeting the Arc Royal leaving the breakwater in the gloom.
  • The holding tank being blocked approaching Edinburgh during the RBIC. It had to be emptied into the bilges - grim!
  • Tearing the main in the 2012 ARC
  • Mike's snoring (pre-2018) - words cannot describe the experience!
Mike Pickering
One of my fondest memories is one of the earliest. We were racing around Britain in a S/Y Verity. On the leg from Stornoway to Edinburgh, we'd been neck and neck with S/Y Veronica night and day. It was only coming up the Forth that we split, Veronica heading for the North bank, whilst we headed to the South. The finish line was the Forth road bridge. We managed to take them on the final gybe in. A great victory. Our first ARC in Southerly 38, Little Pea was also epic. We crossed the line in just over 15 days, beat many race and larger yachts. A low moment for me has to be anything involving toilets breaking... Too many times - but not on this trip!
Well, that's us for now - we're off to the bar! Thank you to all of our partners and family for letting us take on such a challenge (again) and to Theia for keep us all safe.
Until next time. Ta ra.
Theia Crew
Today's "firsts" for Iain
- Completing a Transatlantic under sail!
Daily Stats
Max boat speed: 13.4kts
Dolphins spotted: 0 
Whales Spotted:  0
Rum punches to be consumed: MANY!
Gybes: 3
Flying Fish on deck: 0
Buckets of vomit: Not a drop

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