On the way to Porto

Thu 16 Apr 2009 12:49
43:14.56 N 9:05.45 W
We are now on the way to Porto, Portugal.
Last night in La Coruna, in a small local seafood restaurant... It was a dinner to remember !
La Coruna is a small but very civilized city. Quite some industrialization on the seaside, and LOTS of fishing.
We found a Turkish guy from Tunceli in his "Capadocia" Doner Kebap restaurant, who has been living there for 10 years ! This is getting weird... After meeting the only Turkish guys (5 of them) in Jersey, an island of 90K people, having a (actually, two) Doner House... We wonder if we can find any Doner Kebap house in Porto !
We were supposed to wake up early and get going this morning, but somehow nobody woke up (no wonder after being shaken like that during the leg to La Coruna!) and we left the Marina Coruna at around 9:30 local time (GMT 8:30).
Again, we are motoring... But this time along the coast of Spain, and soon Portugal. Our computers say we will be in Porto, in the marina tomorrow morning, around 6:00.
We expect some showers today. We already had 2, but at the time of this writing, the sun is shining and everything feels like a nice summer day. We know rain will be back before the end of the day... The swells from the Atlantic Ocean are still there anyway and motoring through them makes all of us a little uncomfortable, but it's a lot better than the Bay of Biscay !
We're all looking forward to actually SAIL the boat, it seems like we'll have the chance in an hour or so, when we reach our next waypoint and turn further south.

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