Ile D'ouessant

Mon 13 Apr 2009 05:58
48:27.02 N 5:06.10 W
We just anchored in Baie De Lampaul. This seems to be a little town, south of Ile D'ouessant. We tried to go into the north harbour of this island, but altough the water levels were much better than this side, it didn't seem to be a civilized place to us. No place to go on land, just a huge wall (which is probably the pontoon, but it is fixed and the water was LOW !).
Now the sun is coming up and we can see the village of Lampaul, we will sleep a few hours, try to maintain our engine using our own resources, try to find fuel, and get going before midday.
Next stop is either Vigo or La Coruna, depending on the weather fuel conditions.

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