End of first stop

Sun 12 Apr 2009 01:37
49:10.78 N 2:06.81 W
We ended our first leg in Jersey, a small island with 90.000 people, actually a country. It was around 10:00 GMT when we made it into the marina, we tried to find some place for dinner, but no luck. Half of the local youth is already drunk, and the places we could find were more than loud for our taste after 2 days sailing.
It was very interesting to see the water level in the marina was more than 6m lower than one hour ago, when we came in!
We are planning to leave Jersey tomorrow, as soon as possible, to make the longest planned passage for this delivery; Jersey to Vigo, Spain. It's about 550 nautical miles, and no mild conditions expected. We're hoping to get to Vigo in around 4 days, safe and sound...

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